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Deal Ops Automation — low-code & no-code consultancy

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Some of the tools we use

What We Do

We help organizations implement and adopt highly functional, maintainable, and effective custom solutions using low-code and no-code tools. Because we are experienced software engineers, we can offer an extremely high level of customization, beyond the out-of-the-box functionality normally provided by no-code tools.
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Who We Are

Before founding Deal Ops Automation, we (Steven Zhang and Chris Talley) both worked at Airtable as software engineers. We have extensive experience providing custom solutions for people in many different industries including real estate, venture capital, charitable organizations, and more.
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How We Do It

Ops Partnership
We most often partner with operations leadership to understand the current systems and processes of your organization
Build and Iterate
We design, build, and deliver customized solutions to support your organization’s needs. These solutions often involve tools like Airtable, Zapier, Make, Softr, Retool and more.
Once the build is complete and signed off by you, we train your team on how to use the final product. And we’ll be available for questions and support if you ever have questions or additional requests!

Public Projects we’ve done

Deal Ops Automation past projects

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Deal OpsAutomation

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